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Train Movies

Click on the Title of the movie for additional information from The Internet Movie Database.

You can also view readers comments about the movies in the TCA Toy Train Mailing List Archives.

A list of Trains on Film is available from Trains Magazine from 2002.

If you have any corrections or updates to the information or if you know of a movie that has either toy trains or real trains in it, please use the Feedback page and include the movie name, a brief description of the movie (and actors) and the types of trains that appear in it. Enjoy!

Real Trains
Year Title Description
1990 Alberto Expre$$Alberto thought his upbringing was on the house. Turns out, his parents were running a tab. Every family has its own funny little traditions, but Alberto’s takes quirkiness to the most hilarious. In Alberto’s family, the children must pay their parents back every cent on their rearing; and the debt must be completely repaid before the children start a family of their own. Unfortunately, Alberto is 40 and flat broke. If he can’t come up with a big chunk of change to repay his father in a hurry, he’s going to have to figure out a way to return his about-to-be-born baby. Taking the train to his father’s home to seek mercy, Alberto is struck with an idea. Why not beg, borrow, and steal his way to financial fitness? A wickedly funny comedy about families, finances and the kindness of strangers. Staring Sergio Gastellitto with Nino Manfredi and Marie Trintignant 90 min, comedy, unrated, in French and Italian with English Sub-Titles (RW) (12/25/2009)
1991 Addams Family, TheA stark "O" Gauge layout was constructed for this movie. Director Barry Sonnenfeld has a cameo as a passenger. Gomez Addams (Raul Julia) looks in the window and laughs before he crashes that train into another. Although Gomez moves the handles on a Lionel ZW transformer, trains are actually controlled off-camera. (05/23/2008)
Adventures of Superman, TheAccording to Jim Nolt's website (www.jimnolt.com/train-intro.htm) , the locomotive in the opening sequence is SP DAYLIGHT GS-3 No. 4418, also featured in two movies: The Beginning or the End (1947) and City for Conquest (1940). It appears that the sequence was filmed not only south of the tunnels at the Santa Susana Pass in western San Fernando Valley, but south of the Chatsworth railroad depot. The area in and about the Chatsworth area was quite popular for filming, as it was a stone's throw from the Iverson Ranch. Of course, the west San Fernando Valley was still quite rural at the time. Freezing a frame during the close-up of whirling drivers reveals that they are spoked. They belong to a different locomotive. Beginning with streamlined GS-2's, SP DAYLIGHT 4-8-4's had Box Pox drivers, as sole survivor No. 4449 does today. When The Adventures of Superman was filmed in color, the GS-3 was replaced by EMD A-B-B diesels in a DAYLIGHT paint scheme. (TV) (09/19/2007)
1935 Anna Karenina(RW). (04/17/2010)
1954 Apache Steam locomotive
1975 Apple Dumpling Gang Steam locomotive
1956 Around the World in Eighty Days D&RGW narrow-gauge locomotives still running in 1955 were too big and modern for the era of Phineas Fogg, but the producers came across C-18 2-8-0 No. 315 (Baldwin, 1896) on display in Durango since February, 1950. Rather than restore her, they supplied smoke and steam as special effects, and a K-28 2-8-2 and an Army diesel moved the train from the rear. Locations included Rockwood Cut on the Silverton Branch and Ignacio depot on the main line. Afterward, No. 315 was returned to her display site. The movie has a galaxy of stars, including David Niven, Shirley MacLaine, Cantiflas and Robert Newton. (01/18/2005)
1999 Atomic Train Hijacked nuclear bombs on the way to Denver. Good train wreck with Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis (TV) (04/05/2005)
1979 Avalanche Express 
1990 Back to the Future III Stranded in 1885 with no gasoline to fill the punctured fuel tank of their time-traveling DeLorean, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) commandeer Sierra Railroad 4-6-0 No. 3 (built by Rogers Locomotive Works, Patterson, New Jersey, in 1891; ex-Prescott & Arizona Central) to push the car to 88 mph. At that moment, the car vanishes and a model of No. 3 roars off the end of a bridge then under construction. In the grand finale, Doc Brown, his dog (Einstein), his wife (Clara), and their children (Jules and Verne) appear in the present to Marty in the cab of No. 3, rebuilt as a flying time machine. (05/23/2008)
1943 Background to Danger 
1955 Bad Day At BlackrockSouthern Pacific Daylight diesel passenger
1960 Ballad Of A Soldier (Russian) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1946 Bataille du Rail, La 
1995 Before Sunrise (RW). (04/17/2010)
1945 Berlin Steam locomotive
1946 Berlin Express Trapped on a steam train in post-World War II
1938 Bete humaine, LaMurder mystery on a train
1956 Bhowani Junction 
1985 Biggels Adventures in Time German Train
1957 Big Land, The Steam locomotive, stock car
1975 Bite the Bullet Steam locomotive
1998 Blade Has a several scenes of Wesley Snipes fighting vampire in subway tunnels (J). (12/16/2009)
2002 Blade 2 Has opening scenes of a tram in Moscow (J). (12/16/2009)
2004 Blind Chance (Polish) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1926 Block Signal, The 
1976 Bound For Glory (RW). (04/17/2010)
1972 Boxcar BerthaBased on a gripping true story BOXCAR BERTHA is a true spellbinding tale of railroad renegades and runaway romance from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese and legendary producer Roger Corman. When small-time crook and free spirit Bertha takes up with union man—and Robin-Hood-of-the-rails- Big Bill Shelly, they soon become the most notorious and wanted train robbers in the South. But as their crimes grow more brazen, the law grows more ruthless and the duo discovers that their lifetime of larceny may have brought them a one-way ticket to a deadly destination! Stars Barbara Hersey and David Carradine Col Sub-Title options (RW). (01/10/2010)
1950 Brave Engineer, The Set to the song, "Casey Jones." Good ol' Casey delivers the mail but does appalling damage to his locomotive. The narrator is Jerry Colona, who co-starred with Bob Hope. Casey roars out of a yard, apparently using every track. After moving big hand levers to open switches for Casey, an exhausted towerman slumps into a chair and notes that departure on his form. Above Casey's name is "W. Kimball," a reference to the late Ward Kimball, one of the "nine old men" of Disney animators and proprietor of the Grizzly Flats Railroad, "Scenic Wonder of the West," in his back yard. (12/03/2004)
1975 Breakheart Pass Most of the film is set on the train! And the train (headed by Great Western Railroad 2-8-0 No. 75) was filmed on the Camas Prairie, a UP subsidiary, in February and March, 1975. The snow is real. This movie conveys unspoiled scenery, steep grades, and large wooden trestles that inspired a nickname for this line: "The Railroad on Stilts." The train is the star. It includes the stream locomotive, some heavy weight passenger cars and some troop transport cars. There are scenes in the locomotive and tender, a fight on the roof walks, and a disastrous derailment. Internet Movie Database mistakenly states that this story takes place in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado but it is actually set in the Sierra Nevada mountains and other northern California mountain ranges and ends in Eureka California. (JoK) (12/15/2008)
1957 Bridge On The River Kwai, The (RW). (04/17/2010)
1945 Brief Encounter (RW). (04/17/2010)
1941 Broadway LimitedThis "screwball comedy" was filmed with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The star is K4 Pacific No. 3768, the first streamlined PRR steam locomotive, and a matching consist, all new in 1938. The movie begins with the train speeding along "the broad way" - not the famous street but the PRR right-of-way between New York City and Chicago, 4 tracks and 6 tracks wide for 960 miles. Hilarious plot twists unfold aboard the train. When No. 3768 is pressed into emergency service, D-16sb 4-4-0 No. 1223, still hand-fired, steps in. She brings the train into Harrisburg, PA, where a GG-1 takes over. In 1969, No. 1223 in a fake stack and gaudy colors starred in Hello Dolly. She now rests in The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg, heading a period passenger train. (05/17/2005)
1975 Brother Can You Spare a Dime Steam locomotive
1969 Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (RW). (04/17/2010)
1980 Cafe Express 
1937 California Straight Ahead 
1949 Canadian Pacific Steam trains
1954 Carmen Jones Escorting Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge) to jail, Joe (Harry Belafonte) drives an Army Jeep along a dirt road. A chime whistle signals train scenes. Joe and Carmen pass a local freight headed by a Southern Pacific 2-8-0 with a Vanderbilt tender and a SP caboose at each end. They stop at a rural grade crossing. As the train passes, Carmen hops out, climbs the front steps of the rear caboose, and runs on a flatcar, with Joe in hot pursuit. SP lettering is blacked out. Lionel Postwar models and variations of that caboose (Nos. 6457 et al.) are still in production. NOTE: For some reason, husbands' comparisons of Carmen's black blouse and orange skirt to SP DAYLIGHT colors seem farfetched to wives. Go figure. (01/17/2006)
1976 Cassandra Crossing, The 
1954 Carnival Story Steam locomotive, trolley
1965 Cat Ballou Train robbery on the D&RGW Royal Gorge Route features Lee Marvin, Jane Fonda, Engineer Everett Rohrer with friends as the crew, and ex-Great Western Railway 2-8-0 No. 51. Hardly any scenery included. Can't hold a candle to A Ticket to Tomahawk. Columbia wanted to use No. 51 again for The Professionals in late 1965, but No. 51 had developed mechanical problems. Mr. Rorher notified the studio of Great Western 2-8-0 No. 75. That locomotive doubled as "J. W. Grant No. 75" and "N de M No. 903." No. 75 starred in Breakhart Pass, filmed on the Camas Prairie, a UP subsidiary, in 1975, taking advantage of unspoiled scenery, 4% grades, tunnels and large wooden trestles. (11/19/2004)
2003 Catching Out (RW). (04/17/2010)
1980 Caught On A Train 
1998 Central Station (Portuguese) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1969 Cerveau, Le 
1963 Charade (RW). (04/17/2010)
1960 Chartroose Caboose 
1984 Chattanooga Choo Choo 
1967 Closely Watched Trains 
1997 Coca Cola Kid Steam locomotive, early cola bottling plant
1996 Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day The attempt to save the Yosemite Valley RR after World War II. It was filmed on the Sierra RR and includes archival footage. (GD) (02/14/2008)
1945 Dakota  
1930 Danger Lights A tough yardmaster (Louis Wolheim) befriends a young hobo (Robert Armstrong, who would star in KING KONG in 1933) and gets him started on the Milwaukee Road. Scenes show how railroaders lived on the job and at home. The movie gets better and better. A Pacific and a Mikado push each other back and forth during an Old Timers' Picnic with thundering exhausts, blasting whistles, spinning drivers, and billowing steam. The sequence with a dynamometer is reportedly the only one ever filmed. A poignant scene portrays the yardmaster rescuing an old friend from alcohol by appealing to the higher calling of the railroad: "It's our life." The hobo runs a special train at 100 mph to Chicago to save the yardmaster's life. Overlooked because of black-and-white film and disregard for Hollywood trappings, this nitty-gritty slice of life on the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific is among the best railroad films ever made - perhaps THE best. Look for it on tape or DVD. (01/17/2005)
1968 Mercenaries, The aka: Dark of the Sun Steam engine , wreck
1970 Darling Lili
1978 Death on the Nile Steam locomotive
1993 Death Train (Also Known as ALISTAIR MacLEAN’S DEATH TRAIN) Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond in Die Another Day) and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: Nemesis) pack serious heat in this action-adventure based on Alistair MacLean’s Death Train When a renegade Russian general send a nuclear bomb hurtling toward the Middle East aboard a hijacked train, special agents are dispatched to disarm the deadly device. Ten tons of steel and one ounce of hot plutonium are now riding roughshod through Europe. With time running out, the agents launch a desperate, bullet-packed assault on a deadly moving target piloted by a cold-blooded mercenary. (RW). (01/10/2010)
2003 Death Train Somewhere In the Mexican countryside, a runaway train is on a collision course with terror. A band of trigger –happy, escaped prisoners hold the passengers at gunpoint. Armed with only a gun and his wits, agent Ryan ricks his life in a lethal game with the hijackers. Seconds tick away as the unstoppable train rockets toward a head-on impact, leaving Ryan and a trainload of people running out of options…and time Stars Bryan Genesse, Michael Anthony Rosas and Bentley Mitchum (RW). (01/10/2010)
2006 Death Train In this non-stop action adventure thriller, a brutal secret order known as “Pugnus Dei“ is on a lethal mission for justice. Determined to recruit a traumatized soldier, the group will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. With a stellar cast that includes The Mummy’s” Arnold Vosloo. DEATH TRAIN is packed with flying fists, martial arts battles and dark secrets that will have you on the edge of your seats (RW). (01/10/2010)
1997 Deathline  
1952 Denver and Rio Grande The success of A Ticket to Tomahawk inspired producer Nat Holt to film the battle for a route through Colorado's Royal Gorge. He used the Silverton Branch and C-16 2-8-0 No. 268 (Baldwin, 1882). Good guy Jim Vesser (Edmond O'Brien) and bad guy McCabe square off as representatives of the Denver & Rio Grande and the Santa Fe, respectively. The most (in)famous scenes record a head-on collision with Nos. 319 and 345 at Milepost 475, some 23 miles north of Durango. They met at a combined speed of 60 mph. Enhanced with 300 sticks of dynamite and 30 lbs.of black powder, the ensuing explosion rocked the valley. Although both 2-8-0's emerged mostly intact and still on the rails, they had been consigned to scrap. They were cut up and sent to Colorado Fuel & Iron in Pueblo, where they were melted down for steel rails. Ornamental cast-iron rings on No. 345's steam dome and sand dome were saved and placed on No. 346 in the Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden, by Coors Brewery. Traces of the hotly contested right-of-way along the west bank of the Arkansas River are evident as passengers ride the Royal Gorge Route Railroad for 24 miles from Canon City, including the "Hanging Bridge" by the river at the base of sheer cliffs 1,000 feet high (WEB SITE: www.royalgorgeroute.com). (09/04/2006)
1999 Dinner Game, The (French) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1979 Disaster on the Coastliner Amtrak, F diesel
1939 Dodge City AT&SF steam engine, transcontinental railroad
1965 Dr. Zhivago City railroad scenes were filmed in Spain, where the gauge is 5' 6". Rural railroad scenes were filmed in Canada, including the log station at Lake Louise on the Canadian Pacific, where the gauge is 4' 8 1/2" (standard gauge). The rails move farther apart and closer together as the location changes. (11/01/2005)
1971 Duck, You Sucker (Italian) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1941 Dumbo Walt Disney animator Ward Kimball based the little locomotive heading a circus train on his own Emma Nevada, an 1881 Baldwin 2-6-0 operated as the Sidney Dillon on the Nevada Central Railroad. In 1938, Ward purchased her for the Grizzly Flats Railroad, "Scenic Wonder of the West," in his back yard and renamed her for a opera singer born in an obscure California mining town who rose to international prominence. Ward also animated the crows who help Dumbo fly. Look for a small crow with black glasses. That's Ward. (12/03/2004)
1966 Dutchman  
1957 Escapade in Japan Japanese steam locomotive
1959 Earth Is Mine, The Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons, and Claude Rains share screen time with Southern Pacific 2-6-0 No. 1744 (Baldwin, 1901) on the Napa Valley Branch. No. 1744 and her 44 class M-6 sisters hustled PFE reefers through the San Joaquin Valley for years. On May 4, 1958, she relieved SP No. 4460 on a "Farewell to Southern Pacific Steam" excursion on the Knight's Landing Branch. After retirement, No. 1744 was displayed with UP 2-8-0 No. 6264 at a Golden Spike Railroad Museum at Corinne, Utah, near Promontory. Then she ran on the "Heeber Creeper" and on the "Big Easy Steam Train" in New Orleans. On May 26, 2007, Engineer Earl Knoob and Fireman Steve Butler made their first round trip with No. 1744 from Alamosa over La Veta Pass in Colorado on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad (www.alamosatrain.com). (09/06/2007)
1982 Emperor of Peru, The aka: Treasure Train Pacific Steam locomotive, cab view, kids restore train
1973 Emperor of The North Hobo's riding steam trains during the depression
1988 End Of The Line In the name of progress, a railroad company takes a magnificent step backwards when management decides to abandon the rails for air freight. Now two lifelong Southern railroad workers (Brimley and Helm) suddenly are unemployed and their town is going out of business. Rather than sit back as their lives and careers are destroyed the duo- two of the screens most likely heroes- take off for the companies Chicago corporate headquarters in a stolen locomotive to tell the chairman of the board a thing or two and fight for their livelihoods and their own town. Stars Wilford Brimley, Kevin Bacon, Mary Steenburgen and Levon Helm (RW). (01/10/2010)
1991 Europa  
1948 Every Girl Should Be Married Trolley system
2006 Everyone's Hero This CG (computer-generated) movie brings fond railfan memories to life. A boy named Yankee Irving travels from New York City to Chicago to track down and return Babe Ruth's custom-made bat ("Darlin'," voiced by Whoopi Goldberg), stolen from Yankee Stadium by a crooked pitcher so the Cubs will win the World Series. The journey begins with the magnificent facade of Penn Station. Then the boy enters the vast waiting room, walls soaring to the skies. A chase sequence takes place on three heavyweight trains pacing each other out of Penn Station, with exterior and interior views of coaches, baggage cars and a diner. Subsequent scenes feature New York Central Hudsons, apparently on the "Water Level Route" instead of the Pennsy's "Broad Way" ( 4 to 6 tracks wide) from NYC to Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, and west to Pittsburgh and Chicago. It's good to see NYC Hudsons roaring along, but Pennsy fans probably would prefer scenes on the huge bridge at Newark, the Horse Shoe Curve west of Altoona, and the "speedway" through Crestline on the Fort Wayne Division. Christopher Reeve was directing this movie at the time of his death. His wife, Dana, is the voice of Emily Irving, the boy's mother. (10/08/2006)
1939 Exile Express 
1979 Express To Terror  
2003 Festival Express (RW). (04/17/2010)
1971 Fiddler on the Roof Steam train
1984 Finders Keepers  
1979 First Great Train Robbery, The 
2008 Fireproof A Georgia Southwestern Geep was used for one of the main scenes. Kirk Cameron played the lead role of Fire Capt. Caleb Holt (DW) (04/22/2009)
2007 Five Centimeters Per Second (Japanese) RW). (04/17/2010)
1969 Five Man Army Steam engine (POV, cab shoots, excellent)
1967 Flim Flam Man Car on track, steam locomotive,
1936 Florida Special  
1929 Flying Scotsman, The  
1942 For Me and My Gal Primitive steam locomotive race
2004 4.50 From PaddingtonTwo trains draw briefly alongside each other as they race past a country house, and – to her horror- Miss Marple’s friend, Mrs McGillicuddy witnesses a man in a passing carriage briefly strangling a mystery woman. But with no body to be found, the police decide she must have dreamt the incident. Miss Marple is convinced the answer lies with the ill-fated family who own the mansion passed by the train and persuades a bright young friend to pose as a housekeeper and gather clues for her. Stars Nian Cusack, Pam Ferris and John Hannah (TV) (RW) (01/10/2010)
1971 French Connection Steam locomotive
1991 Fried Green Tomatoes (RW). (04/17/2010)
1963 From Russia With LoveJames Bond
1993 Fugitive, TheIn the title sequence of the ABC TV series (1963-1967), Dr. Richard Kimble emerges from an overturned coach, freed by a derailment en route to death row. In the movie, his prison van crashes through a guard rail, overturns, and comes to rest on a railroad track. A distant horn alerts guards and prisoners to the headlight of a rapidly approaching freight train. A cowardly guard flees. Dr. Kimble, his arms and ankles shackled, pushes guards and prisoners out a window and jumps out just as a "GEEP" hits the van broadside. Pursued by a second "GEEP" plowing through the ground, he jumps beneath a small bridge and barely escapes with his life. Quick scenes and ominous background music portray the wreck in vivid detail. (09/06/2007)
1960 From The TerraceAfter the opening credits, the camera focuses on a skylight and pans down to a platform in Jersey City Terminal, where a bell heralds the arrival of Reading T-1 4-8-4 No. 2124, fresh from the first three Iron Horse Rambles. Sharp eyes notice destination signs with John O'Hara's fictional towns, such as Gibbsville (actually Pottsville). Actors board a 2000-series semi-streamlined ("Blimp") coach. Leaving, they walk past No. 2124 as a company official barks orders to a subordinate. A caption states "PHILADELPHIA 1946," but No. 2124 was too big for Reading Terminal at 12th & Market, so 20th Century Fox filmed these scenes in Jersey City Terminal on December 2, 1959. About 10 minutes later, actor Paul Newman gets off a train at "Port Johnson" at night. Filmed from the platform, the locomotive is a vague black silhouette. After the train stops, fake-looking steam (probably Hollywood "smoke") billows from stage right. Evidently a diesel is standing in, because the Reading had scrapped most of its steam locomotives by 1956. Fortunately, Jersey City Terminal has been restored as part of Liberty State Park, and Reading Terminal is part of Pennsylvania Convention Center. Reading Terminal Market at street level is doing fine, too. (11/20/2004)
1982 Gandhi (RW). (04/17/2010)
2004 Garfield There are brief shots of a Lionel "O" Gauge 2-level corner layout powered by a ZW transformer in Jon Arbuckle's home. Garfield discovers that real trains work the same way. Rescuing Odie from a callous TV star who has boarded an Amtrak Superliner train bound for New York City, Garfield gains entry to a high-tech interlocking room conveniently located in the "Train Station" and unmanned during rush hour. Moving big silver levers and pushing buttons, he sets a yard full of modern Amtrak trains on collision courses and stops them in the nick of time. Then he backs the train carrying Odie to Platform 12. He goes up to that platform, enters the baggage car, and frees Odie from a cage. Fortunately, a host of dogs and cats and an heroic Jon Arbuckle arrive in time to mop up the villain. (01/18/2005)
2000 George Washington (RW). (04/17/2010)
1971 Get Carter A British film from 1971, starring Michael Caine. It starts out with a longish title sequence, photographed from the front of a train, whooshing through the British countryside, tunnels and all. Nice dynamic images, with music that conveys the excitement of a high-speed train trip (PR). (06/18/2009)
1931 Ghost Train, The 
1941 Ghost Train, The 
1953 Glen Miller Story, The Inclined railway
1940 Go West The Marx Brothers, Diana Lewis, and John Carroll run Sierra 2-8-0 No. 18 (Baldwin, 1906; renumbered 32) on a wild train chase. Location scenes filmed on the Sierra feature stunt doubles for the brothers. A studio mock-up of No. 18 is used for close-ups. A Heisler geared locomotive careens around curves too tight for No. 18. A close look reveals an inclined cylinder in front of the cab on each side. Both cylinders turn a shaft underneath the locomotive, geared to each truck. This Heisler and Willamette No. 7 in Timberjack (see below) are the only geared locomotives in Hollywood movies. The movie concludes with a Marx Brothers version of the Golden Spike ceremony in Cecil B. DeMille's Union Pacific (1939). (06/17/2006)
1942 Grand Central MurderTV semi-documentary
1966 Great British Train Robbery, TheTV semi-documentary
1926 Great K & A Train Robbery, TheTom Mix Western
1956 Great Locomotive Chase, TheFilmed on Tallulah Falls Railway, Georgia, by Walt Disney Productions in 1955. Released in 1956. William Mason and Lafayette from B&O Museum, Baltimore, as the General and the Yonah, respectively. Paramount's Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 No. 22 as the Texas, the locomotive that caught up to the General. Most extensive use of B&O Museum locomotives and cars in a film. They ran about 1,000 miles during filming. (09/19/2004)
1952 Greatest Show on Earth, The Cecil B. DeMille's melodrama features a circus that travels by train. Near the end, robbers use a flare to stop the first section on a "dark" stretch of track (not protected by automatic signals). One robber knocks out the rear brakeman as he leaves the caboose. A few minutes later, the second section plows into the first. Although filmed with models, the wreck is unnervingly realistic. (05/09/2005)
1982 Grey Fox, The  
1979 Great Train Robbery, The (First) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1987 Gunfighters, The Close up of 4 6 0 steam engine, caboose interior
2008 Hancock The Pacific Harbor Line Railroad supplied SD18 #40 for grade crossing scenes filmed in San Pedro, CA. No. 40 was lettered for the fictional Southland & Western Railroad. The PHL serves the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, the largest container port in America. The PHL handles more than 40,000 carloads each year, switching 9 on-dock intermodal terminals and dispatching some 90 intermodal/unit trains daily. The PHL Website (www.anacostia.com/phl/phl.html) includes a link to "Film Location," highlighting passenger cars, freight cars, yards, grade crossings, and loading docks available for filming TV shows, movies, commercials, music videos, and media events, located within a 30-mile radius of Los Angeles. Scenes for the movie GET SMART, released on June 20 (2 weeks before HANCOCK), were also filmed on the PHL. (07/08/2008)
2004 Happy Endings
1946 Harvey Girls, The A bit of movie magic is evident. Opening credits feature Sierra 2-8-0 No. 18, painted yellow and black like a Rio Grande "bumblebee," rolling along with two Sierra coaches. Then the camera pans down from wispy white clouds to focus on Judy Garland singing on the platform of a yellow coach. As a huge cast sings "On the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe," the train pulls into the station. Miraculously, Sierra No. 18 has become Virginia & Truckee No. 22. Obviously, MGM rented Paramount's "studio train" and filmed those scenes on a Western set. After a conductor calls, "All Aboard," everyone runs to the engineer's side of No. 22 and moves their arms back and forth, imitating the movements of her rods as she departs, jets of steam from her cylinder cocks keeping perfect time with the music. They don't make movies like this any more. One detail that sets No. 22 apart from others is a swan-like filigree at the bottom front corner of her cab, on the running board. Nitpickers notice that the engineer sings about the "ASL," though he probably means "ACL": Atlantic Coast Line. "ASL" is probably a conflation of "ACL" and "SAL" [Seaboard Air Line], but attempts to point that out are generally met by requests to "hush." To eliminate the expense of renting Paramount's "studio train," MGM purchased V&T No. 11, the RENO. But unprecedented wartime trafiic delayed No. 11's arrival, so MGM paid rented Paramount's train once again. In 1947, No. 11 made her first appearance as an MGM "prop" in "The Sea of Grass," a drama starring Katherine Hepburn as Lutie Cameron, "a fiery, fascinating gal from St. Louis," who marries ruthless cattle baron Col. James B. "Jim" Brewton, portrayed by Spencer Tracy. The depot by No. 11 is called Salt Pork, New Mexico - a far cry from the lyrical locales that she served on the V&T: Virginia City (immortalized on the burning map that began the TV show BONANZA), Gold Hill, Minden, Washoe Canyon, the fabulous Comstock Lode, and a connection with the Central Pacific (later Southern Pacific) at Reno. See STEAMCARS TO THE COMSTOCK, by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg. (09/12/2008)
1985 Heavenly Kid, TheSteam locomotive
1969 Hello Dolly Pennsylvania Railroad D-16sb No. 1223 and wooden passenger cars ran from the Strasburg Rail Road to Garrison, New York, for filming. Watch for a quick scene of a conductor unfolding steps on an open observation car built by the Strasburg shops so dancers could hop on board. Scenes irritate Pennsy fans who know that a meticulously restored D-16sb is hidden under a fake stack and gaudy colors. Her PRR whistle and Belpaire firebox are heard and seen. (11/01/2005).
1952 High Noon (RW). (04/17/2010)
1999 Hijaak
1992 Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York
1972 Horror Express 
1978 Hot Lead and Cold Feet Primitive steam locomotive race
1958 Houseboat
1962 How the West Was Won Steam engine, wreck
2011 Hugo Hugo is an orphan, clock keeper, and thief living in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. When his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric, bookish girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) and a bitter old man who runs a toy booth in the station (Ben Kingsley) Hugo's undercover life and his most precious secret are put in jeopardy - whilst constantly having to hide from the threat of being sent to the orphanage by the unrelenting Station Inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen). A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man and a hidden message from Hugo's dead father (Jude Law) form the backbone of this intricate, tender, and spellbinding mystery (04/02/2012).
1954 Human Desire 
1932 Hurricane ExpressThe Hurricane Express is a masterful, table-running mystery packed with action and suspense and features an athletic young John Wayne, who performs many of his own stunts, in the role of a lifetime. This 12 chapter serial is guaranteed to keep you guessing “whodunit”? from start to finish! A masked villain dubbed “The Wrecker” is hard at work sabotaging the L&R Railroad by orchestrating train accidents. The motive? To ruthlessly eliminate the railroad as competition for a nearby airline business. When “The Wrecker” causes the Hurricane Express to crash. Killing the engineer Jim Baker (J. Farrell MacDonald), his son Larry (John Wayne) swears vengeance, vowing to unmask the saboteur’s identity and bring him to justice. Like any villain, “The wrecker” doesn’t want his true identity to be exposed, so he expertly assumes the identities of people in the community who might have possible motives for sabotage, including Larry who happens to be a pilot. Deflecting accusations of guilt, Larry chases down hunches and leads but, time and again, each turns out to be nothing more than a red herring. Further complicating matters are “the Wreckers” henchmen, who, in Larry’s quest for vengeance give him a run for his money-and for his life! (RW). (01/10/2010)
1945 I Know Where I Am Going (RW). (04/17/2010)
1986 I-Man Alco RS Diesel
1967 In The Heat Of The Night (RW). (04/17/2010)
1967 Incident, The 
2000 Into The Arms Of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (RW). (04/17/2010)
1924 Iron Horse, The 
1966 Iron Horse, TheBen Calhoun (Dale Robertson) wins the "Buffalo Pass, Scalplock & Defiance Railroad" in a poker game. Then he discovers that it is bankrupt and still under construction. Sierra 4-6-0 No. 3, combine No. 5, and coach No. 6 (elegantly outfitted as a private car, La Bonne Chance) provide railroad action, especially on Draper Trestle. In one revealing scene, No. 3 takes on water, but the spout is lowered into a small fuel oil tank beneath the woodpile in front of her tender. No. 3 burns oil, not wood or coal. To cut costs of location filming, Columbia Pictures built full-size mock-ups of Nos. 3, 5 and 6 on rubber tires. Prefab rails, truck frames and drivers concealed the tires when scenes were filmed on Columbia's ranch near Burbank. Steam generators provided visual effects. The steam chest is higher than the running board on the mockup, but lower on No. 3. Flat tops of slide valve steam chests usually serve as steps between the pilot and the running board on each side. An elaborate full-size replica of Rio Grande Southern No. 20 was built by 20th Century Fox in 1949 for A Ticket to Tomahawk, listed below. In 1963, this replica was moved to a Hollywood sound stage, joined to a replica of combine No. 5, and filmed in scenes involving the cast of the TV show Petticoat Junction, also listed below (TV) (07/30/2005)
1990 It Charles St. Trolley
1959 It Happened To JaneIn this romantic comedy, Jane Osgood (Doris Day), a single mom with two children, is in the live lobster business. But when her first big order for the Marshall Town Country Club turns up dead through no fault of her own, it kills her chances for successful season. Discovering budget cuts at the railroad are to blame, she turns to George Denham (Jack Lemmon), her longtime admirer and an attorney, to seek compensation from the railroad’s tyrannical owner, Harry Foster Malone (Ernie Kovacs). Jane wins in her local courthouse, but Malone agrees to pay only for the lobsters, not damages. She refuses his offer on principle and the battle is on. The press has a field day with this modern-day David and Goliath story. And the whole country turns to Cape Anne, Maine, to watch as one woman stand up to “the meanest man in the world”. It could happen to anyone but… IT HAPPENED TO JANE (This has just been released here in Australia) (RW). (01/10/2010)
2008 Jericho (Season 2 Premier- 2/12/08) Citizens of Jericho, Kansas (about halfway between Lawrence and Denver, Colorado), are cut off from the world by a nuclear attack on Denver and on 22 other American cities. This catastrophe brings out the best and the worst in people. Season 1 ends amid a firefight with invaders from New Bern. CBS canceled the show. Fans responded with the legendary Nuts campaign. CBS renewed the show. Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) drives an Abrams M-1 tank that is out of ammunition. He stops it across a railroad track to head off a train of reinforcements from New Bern. A distant shot reveals a steam locomotive. A close-up shows the front of Pennsylvania Railroad K-4 No. 5690. Sounding a diesel horn, the K-4 hits the tank broadside, and the tender turns over. A "Making of ..." video is posted at www.YouTube.com. Search for "Jericho Train runs into a Tank." The sequence was filmed with a 1:8 scale model of No. 5690 at L.A. Live Steamers. It was not fired up. It was placed on a movable table; drivers were turned mechanically. Then it was pushed along a track, filmed by a camera on a trailing flatcar. These scenes were merged with those of a real tank on a short stretch of track. The end of track is visible at YouTube but not in the show. The only surviving K-4's are No. 3750 (disguised by the Pennsy as the first K-4, No. 1737) at The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg and No. 1361, now in pieces at Railroaders' Memorial Museum In Altoona after an unsuccessful restoration at Steamtown in Scranton. She had been displayed at Horse Shoe Curve. (TV) (05/27/2008)
1979 Jerk, The Miniature steam train
2000 John Henry The animated tale features a new cartoon about John Henry, "a steel-drivin' man," who beat a steam drill boring Big Bend Tunnel as the Chesapeake & Ohio was laying rails westward toward the Ohio Valley. A mile and a quarter long, that tunnel took 1,000 men 3 years to finish. (12/03/2004)
1985 Journey of Natty Gamm, The Steam locomotive
1959 Journey to the Moon Steam locomotive
1977 Julia (RW). (04/17/2010)
1953 Kansas Pacific 
2003 Kontroll (Hungarian) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1941 Lady Eve, The (RW). (04/17/2010)
1938 Lady Vanishes, The European steam locomotive, cab view
1979 Lady Vanishes, The European steam locomotive, cab view
1936 Last Journey, The 
1952 Last Train From Bombay 
1937 Last Train From Madrid, The  
1984 Lassiter European locomotive
1962 Lawrence of Arabia (RW). (04/17/2010)
1970 Le Cercle Rouge (French) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1945 Leave Her To Heaven This movie has a Santa Fe flavor with an intriguing mix. An exterior shot in New Mexico includes a mission-style station. The train is lettered for the Santa Fe. The passenger car is intriguing. Tall windows at the back and interior colors are hallmarks of the New York Central's streamlined 20th CENTURY LIMITED. But the colors of the car are unique: light blue with a dark blue or a black stripe. They seem to match the Santa Fe's only streamlined steam locomotive: big, beefy Hudson No. 3460, nicknamed "The Blue Goose." Recently, in "O" Gauge, MTH made a Premier model, and Williams made a N&W J in that paint scheme. Both firms offered a matching streamlined consist. The Santa Fe did not have a matching consist for No. 3460. But some cars had a two-tone gray paint scheme that resembled a New York Central scheme. Railfans point out that studio craftsmen built a streamlined car or two on a Hollywood backlot to facilitate filming. Before blue screen technology, movies of passing scenery were projected on screens from the rear through the windows to simulate movement. Hollywood stars favored the 20th CENTURY LIMITED for travel between Chicago and New York City, so it's likely that a replica of a CENTURY observation car was constructed, including distinctive tall windows flanking the rear door. The Great Northern's MOUNTAIN series observation cars had those tall windows but other details were different. (09/12/2008)
2005 Legend of Zorro, The Filmed in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, the movie builds to exciting action scenes on and around a train loaded with nitroglycerin in wine bottles headed by a trim little 2-6-0. Zorro (Antonio Banderas), his magnificent wife, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), their son, Joaquin (Adrian Alonso), and Zorro's black horse, Tornado, keep the nitro from falling into the wrong hands. At the last moment, Joaquin and Tornado save a crowd of people by diverting the train onto a siding. It crashes through a bumper made of rails and blows up, but the end credits attribute the wreck to miniatures made in New Zealand. Good thing, because that Mogul has star potential. "Playing with Trains" on the Special Edition DVD goes into detail about train scenes. (03/07/2006)
1987 Living Daylights, The Trolley system
1954 Living It Up Santa Fe F diesel, Hudson Steam locomotive
2005 Look Both Ways (RW). (04/17/2010)
1926 Lost Express, The 
1932 Lost Special, The 
2012 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Alex (lion), Marty (zebra), Gloria (hippo) and Melman (giraffe) join a circus train to travel to Rome, where they hope to get back to their New York City zoo at long last. The locomotive resembles a Milwaukee streamlined F-7 4-6-4 ("Baltic" to CMStP&P fans) "Speedlined by Otto Kuhler" and built by ALCo in 1938 (Nos. 100-105). One brief shot seems to show four drivers instead of three. That could reflect New York Central 4-8-2 No. 2873 streamlined in 1936 and converted from coal to oil for the REXALL TRAIN, a 12-car rolling showroom that traveled across the United States for seven months in place of a national convention of the United Drug Company. (07/04/2012)
2005 Magic of Ordinary Days, The Hallmark Hall of Fame: Filmed near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Opening scenes feature Alberta Prairie Railway 2-8-0 No. 41 (Baldwin, 1920), a consist of immaculate Canadian National coaches, and even the 1912 station at Big Valley. Two magnificent chords from No. 41's melodious CN Prairie Whistle cue the camera to pan along the housetops of "La Junta, Colorado," framing the train's arrival with the train order signal on the station roof. Built for the Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern, No. 41 ran on the Frisco and gained fame as No. 77 with sister Frisco 2-8-0 No. 76 on the Mississippian Railway between Fulton and Amory. For photographs, see Steam in the Sixties, by Ron Ziel and George H. Foster, pp. 112-113. The Alberta Prairie Railway (www.absteamtrain.com) runs excursions and dinner trains on a former CN branch and on a former Canadian Pacific branch past Stettler to Coronation. Well worth a visit. (TV) (02/04/2005)
1957 Mailbag Robbery, The "The Flying Scot": A petty criminal decides to strike it big time by robbing a shipment of currency being transported on the famous train, the Flying Scot. Stars Lee Paterson, Kay Callard, Alan Gifford. At a rehearsal for the day of the robbery, all goes to plan with the cabin obtained next to the cabin where the money is to be transported. The cover comes off the seat with ease, the screws holding the seat to the wall all undo allowing the seat on the other side to come adrift and get the money and throw it out the window to another person waiting trackside to escape with the proceeds. All seems worth the effort. Until the theory is put in to practice and all goes terrible wrong. It is a different type of carriage that has the seats spot welded to the back, a drunk, a nuisance child and an ever vigilant train guard. The guard gets suspicious and requests police help. When the train arrives in London as the perpetrators leave the cabin they are met by police at both ends of the carriage. (RW) (02/11/2013)
1942 Major And The Minor, The (RW). (04/17/2010)
1935 Man of Iron  
1957 Man on The Tracks A train races through the night and then suddenly comes to a halt; a man lies dead on the tracks. The man turns out to be an engine driver who lost his job. Different characters who knew the man during his life take part in the investigation of his death, each relating their own interpretation of the man and his death. Was it suicide? Sabotage ? Was he an eccentric? A regular Joe ? Just as the characters examine the mystery surrounding the engineer’s death, this classic anti-Stalinist film uses the story to examine the issues and problems of the 1950’s Communist Ppland. In particular, what are the consequences for a man who doesn’t fit in/ based on a true story by J.S. Stawinski, the structure of MAN ON THE TRACKS, with its conflicting version of the same story, is comparable to Citizen Kane and Rashomon Polish with English Sub-Titles (RW). (01/10/2010)
1962 Manchurian Candidate, The Frank Sinatra and Janet Leigh first meet on a PRR train between Washington DC and New York. At least one shot of a GG-1 pulling passenger cars and background shots in a parlor car and vestibule. (CN) (02/18/2012)
1984 Maria's LoversBrief appearance by Reading T-1 No. 2102, the third of 30 4-8-4's rebuilt from ponderous I-10sa 2-8-0's from the fall of 1945 through the spring of 1947 in the Reading Locomotive Shops along North Sixth Street in Reading, PA, near George Field. (07/18/2005)
1987 Matewan Starring James Earl Jones. The train featured in the film is our steam locomotive, NKP Berkshire No. 765. It is the true story of coal field violence in the 1930's, in the little town of Matewan, West Virginia. When the coal company attempted to surreptitiously bring in black miners to work during a strike, nasty violence erupted and several people were killed. There are numerous scenes of the 765 and train in this film. I had the honor of running the 765 during the filming. Rich Melvin, NKP 765 Engineer www.765.org. (05/04/2007)
1929 Mickey's Choo ChooEnlivened by an energetic soundtrack and animation that portrays personalities, Engineer Mickey Mouse prepares his locomotive for a run, dances to music that Minnie Mouse plays on her fiddle, and takes her along on a freight train. In the final sequence, a boxcar breaks away at the top of a steep hill, plummets downgrade, and smashes into a tree. As pieces fall back down, a few of them form a handcar. Minnie and Mickey pump away as the cartoon ends. In 1934, Lionel, in dire financial straits during the Great Depression, transformed that image into a windup handcar that ran on a 27-inch circle of track. More than 250,000 were sold at $1 each, welcome revenue. Newspapers searching for any positive financial news told the story as "Mouse Saves Lion of a Corporation." (07/08/2008)
1940 Midnight LimitedB/W 61 Minutes Stars John King and Marjorie Reynolds Released on Alpha Video A phantom criminal is at work aboard the night train from New York to Montreal, leaving his victims bound, gagged and penniless. Joan Marshall is victimised but vows to see the Phantom captured and joins forces with detective Val Lennon. Lennon is stumped when the thief murders his best agent and slips through his fingers with $60,000 in cash, vanishing without a trace. Risking his life to bring the killer to justice, Lennon goes undercover. Posing as a rich traveller, he prepares for a final confrontation with the phantom. Available from www.oldies.com (RW) (12/11/2011)
1996 Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise on the nose of high-speed Paris to London commuter train dueling with Jean Reno in a helicopter inside of the Chunnel. (06/17/2006)
1970 Molly Maguires, TheA secret society of Irish miners oppose low wages and cruel treatment with threats, violence, and murder at Pennsylvania anthracite mines in the late 1870's. The movie portrays a true story of the "coal regions." Most exterior scenes were filmed at Eckley, PA, using equipment from the Carroll Park & Western ("America's Only Four-Foot Gauge Passenger Railway") at Bloomsburg. The two-truck Climax in an overhead shot of the station was the last one built at Corry, PA. She is now at Roaring Camp Railroads, Felton, CA. Restored to a 19th century appearance, the town and a replica "coal breaker" looming in the background were donated to The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, renamed "Eckley Miners' Village," and preserved as a living history museum. Sadly, floods caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972 wiped out the Carroll Park & Western. Scratchbuilt as a tourist line, it followed a "dog-bone" route with the station in the movie at the center. (10/03/2005)
1995 Money TrainSubway heist in New York City with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson (04/05/2005)
1994 Mouvements du desir 
1974 Murder On The Orient ExpressMurder mystery aboard a steam train
1961 Murder She Said British steam train
1940 My Little Chickadee This comedy classic stars Mae West and W. C. Fields as a pair of fortune hunters who meet on a train. They hustle each other and everyone else. The locomotive is Sierra Railroad 2-8-0 No. 18 (Baldwin, 1906), renumbered 8. No. 18 was the Sierra's "star" locomotive from the 1930's until her retirement in 1951. Then 4-6-0 No. 3 (Rogers, 1891) came on stage. (06/17/2006)
1989 Mystery Train (RW). (04/17/2010)
1990 Narrow MarginRemake of classic, Oscar-nominated film noir (1952). The location moves north to Canada, where Gene Hackman protects a murder witness on a "VIA Rail" streamliner filmed on the British Columbia Railway. A lot of railroad scenes for movies and TV have been filmed on that line. (08/15/2005)
1952 Narrow Margin, TheThis Oscar-nominated film noir (French, "dark film") features genre icons Charles McGraw as a hard-boiled cop and Marie Windsor as a gangster's moll traveling by train from Chicago to Los Angeles to testify before a grand jury. Watch for shots of orders "hooped" to and from the train and a mailbag snatched "on the fly" from a trackside mail crane. Nitpickers notice that the Central Pacific has reached Chicago, and that a newly streamlined PRR K-4 (1938) is heading the BROADWAY LIMITED west to Los Angeles. The rest of the film features SP DAYLIGHT consists and GS-2 (single headlight) 4-8-4's. All scenes on the train are filmed in realistic sets with a hand-held camera, a new technique. Tight spaces confine action and suspense as McGraw struggles to conceal Windsor from hired killers who search the train but don't know what she looks like. The film conveys an increasing feeling of claustrophobia, even for railfans. Director Richard Fleischer is the son of Max Fleischer, who (with brother Dave), brought Betty Boop, Popeye and Superman to the big screen in animated cartoons. (08/15/2005)
1941 Nevada City Steam locomotive
1957 Night PassageFeatures the D&RG railroad, narrow gauge, between Durango and Silverton. Director James Nelson filmed around Silverton in September and October, 1956. He portrayed the beauty of Fall in the high country so effectively that audiences can almost feel a chill in the air. As a mixed train pulled by K-28 2-8-2 No. 476 (with a fake diamond stack) heads toward Silverton, James Stewart (Grant McLaine) and child star Brandon De Wilde (duh-WIL-duh; Joey Adams) are riding a flatcar. Joey discovers Grant's accordion in a sack, pulls on it, and awakens Grant with a resounding chord. Grant plays and sings the title song, "Follow the River," as the spectacular sheer drop from the High Line hundreds of feet down to the Rio de Los Animas unfolds below them. The train passes this location a second time as an orchestra plays the song. Then a camera records the Walschaert valve gear reverse yoke rocking back and forth as the train turns to the left. A similar shot builds suspense as the train approaches a wooden water tank that outlaws have toppled onto the tracks. Cab scenes portray the Irish engineer shouting to his queasy fireman, "Quit yer moanin' and hang onto yer hat!" After they smash through the tank, he brags, "They won't stop Tommy O'Shannon with a tankful of water!" James Stewart's costar, Audie Murphy, was the most decorated combat soldier of World War II. During one battle he leaped atop a burning tank, loaded with fuel and ammunition that could have exploded at any second, and used its machine gun to hold off waves of German soldiers, saving his unit and the entire American line from being overrun. His valor was easily overlooked because he stood only 5' 5" and looked like a young adult throughout his career. Sadly, he died in a plane crash near Roanoke, Virginia, in 1971. This was to be the sixth Western starring James Stewart and directed by Anthony Mann. But Mann left because he thought that audiences would not believe a key plot point: that youthful Audie Murphy (The Utica Kid) and James Stewart (Grant McLaine), were brothers on opposite sides of the law. Born in 1908, Stewart was 16 years older and 10 inches taller than Murphy. This film received poor reviews and box office. Stewart and Mann never made another movie together. In one memorable scene, James Stewart rides down Blair Street in Silverton while K-28 2-8-2 No. 476  (with a fake diamond stack) passes in the background. In another, No. 476 smashes through a wooden water tank that outlaws had pushed in front of a train (05/05/2008)
1959 Night TrainA man, Jerzy, enters a train set for the Baltic coast. He seems to be on the run from something. He has to share sleeping-compartment with a woman who also seems to be on the run. Eventually we get to know that the police are looking for an escaped murderer. Is it really Jerzy they are looking for? Powerful, psychological story of loneliness and an intriguing thriller in one. Two strangers, Jerzy (Leon Niemczky) and Martha (Lucyna Winnicka) , accidently end up holding tickets for the same sleeping chamber on an overnight express to the Baltic coast. While handsome, well dressed and rather laconic, Jerzy seems ill at ease, while Marta is not talkative and would prefer to be alone. Stasez (Zbigniew Cybulski) is a student and Maria’s spurned lover, and won’t leave her to be. When the police enter the train in search of a murderer on the lam, rumors fly and everything seems to point toward one of the main characters as the culprit. The killer is located down the corridor however, yet Kawalerowicz keeps the tension strung taut to the end in one of his finest works (RW). (01/10/2010)
1988 Night Train to Kathmandu, The 
1946 Night Train to Memphis Pacific Steam locomotive
1940 Night Train to Munich  
1985 North and South Steam 4-4-0
1959 North By Northwest 20th Century Limited
1959 North West Frontier  
1999 October Sky Steam locomotive
1937 Oh, Mr. Porter! 
2000 Old No. 587: The Great Train RobberyOn the day of the big race, Alex and his friends line their homemade soapbox racers up at the top of the steepest and longest hill in the neighbourhood. After a slow start he crashes through and old wooden fence. After the dust settles, Alex discovers a fully-functional steam locomotive, “the 587”- destined for the scrap heap. He and his sister Molly devise a plan to rescue the antique engine with the help of an old engineer, Russel, his dog Sparky, and about every kid on the neighbourhood . This begins their awesome adventure, “587: The Great Train Robbery” Stars Ran Burns, Nick Abel, Ariadne Baker-Dunn and Dogger as Sparky Colour (RW). (01/10/2010)
1981 On The Right Track 
1958 Once Upon a Horse Steam locomotive, cab view, drive train through town
1946 One Way To Love 
1934 Orient Express 
1979 Orphan Train(TV)
1923 Our HospitalityThis silent film starring Buster Keaton is based on the infamous feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys, Their names are changed to the Canfields and the McKays. After John McKay is killed, his widow sends their one-year old baby, Willie, to New York to be raised by her sister. Twenty years later, Willie (portrayed by Buster Keaton) returns to Kentucky to claim his family estate. He boards a train of "stagecoach" passenger cars like those in the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore (www.borail.org). Pulling the train is an accurate replica of Stephenson's ROCKET, winner of the Rainhill Trials in England. This was the first locomotive built with a horizontal firetube boiler, forced draft for the firebox caused by directing exhaust steam up through the smokebox and the stack, and main rods connecting the pistons and crossheads to the driving wheels. These features became standards of locomotive construction. In contrast to the sophisticated locomotive, the track and right-of-way are notably innocent in regards to ballast, grading, bridges, smoothness of ride, and most other practices of modern railway construction. On the train, Willie meets a young lady (portrayed by Natalie Talmadge, Keaton's wife) and they fall in love. However, she turns out to be Virginia Canfield. Although bound to treat her beau with Southern hospitality while he is a guest, her family seethes with hostility toward him. It soon finds expression. (05/04/2008)
1925 Overland Limited, The 
1951 Out of ScaleThis Walt Disney animated short portrays Donald Duck operating a live-steam railroad. His 4-4-0 resembles Walt Disney's Lily Belle, named for his wife, built for his own live-steam railroad that preceded Disneyland. It ran through a tunnel underneath his wife's flower garden. Donald discovers that a towering tree is out of scale: too big for his precisely constructed railroad and village. He digs it up and moves it on a flatcar. When Chip 'n' Dale return from gathering nuts, they mistake a scale tree for theirs. Then they see their tree moving, and the action begins. Chased by Donald, they take refuge inside a house. Donald is surprised to see that they are in scale-just the right size. The story could end there, but Donald decides to "have some fun" with them. He uses fake snow to simulate a blizzard. When Dale emerges in heavy winter clothing, Donald shines a heat lamp on him. As the chipmunks retaliate, they roar away on the train. Their tree flies off the flatcar, lands upright on the track, and the train plows through it. When Donald returns ready for battle, they point to the rectangular opening and say, "Giant Redwood, see?" Donald accepts that and harmony prevails. Usually, Donald winds up on the short end. One glaring anomaly takes place early in this cartoon. When Donald stops his train at a wooden water tower, he flips back the sand dome, lowers the spout, and takes on water. That, of course, is impossible, because of steam pressure in the boiler. But it allows Donald to remain seated on the tender. To be accurate, he would have to pull the locomotive past the water tower, get off, open the hatch atop the rear of the tender, lower the spout, and take on water there. Each action would have to be animated. That anomaly may be a shortcut intended to keep the story moving and cut production costs. Still, it's hard to imagine how Walt Disney, a stickler for accuracy, could have let that faux pas stand. The first part of this cartoon was published in 1950 as a Little Golden Book: Walt Disney's Donald Duck's TOY TRAIN, by Western Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin. (07/08/2008)
1954 Overland Pacific 
1936 Pain In The Pullman, A Train travel with the Three Stooges
1942 Palm Beach Story, The (RW). (04/17/2010)
1974 Panic On The 5:22(TV)
1963 Papa's Delicate Condition steam locomotive
1937 Paradise ExpressB/W 60 Minutes Stars Grant Withers and Dorothy Appleby Released on Alpha Home Entertainment After years of faithful service, the Moon Valley Railroad line is being forced into bankruptcy by mobsters who control a rival trucking firm. Old Jed Carson, the railroad’s owner, is furious that slick young Larry Doyle has been dispatched from the East to manage the freight line’s finances. Doyle quickly discovers that the gangsters have been orchestrating train disasters to steal business for the truckers. With the huge framer's association contract at stake, a winner-take-all race is arranged between the railroad and the truckers. But Doyle will not only be racing his locomotive against time. He will have to overcome sabotage and terrorism to survive! Available from www.oldies.com (RW) (12/11/2011)
1973 Paris Express, The 
1997 The Peacemaker A hijacked Soviet train with nuclear warheads - one goes off - with George Clooney and Nichole Kidman (04/05/2005)
1951 Peking Express 
1963 Petticoat Junction Movie and TV stars No. 3, an 1891 Rogers 4-6-0, and wooden "Shorty" Combine No. 5, built for the Sierra's Angels Branch in 1902 by Holman Car Company of San Francisco, are seen "rollin' down the track" during opening and closing credits and during most episodes. Bringing cast and crew 350 miles from a sound stage at General Service Studio in Hollywood to the Sierra at Jamestown was too expensive, so producers leased a replica of Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 No. 20 (1899, Schenectady) from Hoyt Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Constructed of wood, fiberglass and steel from original erection drawings at a cost of $30,000 in 1949, that replica enabled director Richard Sale to film scenes of No. 20 being hauled in pieces through the mountains to reach "end of track" at Tomahawk and fulfill the terms of the railroad's charter in A Ticket to Tomahawk. A mule team couldn't budge the real No. 20, now preserved in Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden, by Coors Brewery. To further reduce expenses, in 1966 Filmways replaced Nos. 3 and 5 with 7/16" scale models built by Richard C. Datin, who also made models for the original STAR TREK series. He modified a brass model of Colorado Midland No. 25, imported by Dick Wheeler's Model Engineering Works (MEW) of Monrovia, California. TRIVIA: Bea Benaderet, who portrayed Kate Bradley, owner of the Shady Rest Hotel, also was the voice of women characters in Warner Brothers cartoons and of Betty Rubble in The Flintstones. The dog in Petticoat Junction was called "Dog." He was a stray rescued from an animal shelter by trainer Frank Inn and named Higgins. After the show was canceled, he played Benji. Photos and descriptions of all three trains are posted at www.petticoat-junction.com (05/09/2005)
1955 Picnic (RW). (04/17/2010)
1925 Phantom Express, The 
1932 Phantom Express, The 
1959 Plan 9 From Outer Space General Roberts' office is located in the Pentagon, but a map on the wall bears a large herald of the Santa Fe Railroad at the lower left corner. Later, when the General locates a spot on the map for Col. Edwards, the words "Santa Fe" have been taped over. (09/26/2005)
1936 Play Safe This Fleischer Studios (Max and brother Dave) color cartoon begins with a young boy playing with a large electric 2-rail train in his yard. He sees a real train stop nearby and sets out toward it. His St. Bernard intervenes, but the boy latches the dog's collar to a leash tied around a tree and runs over to the train. He climbs a boxcar and sits on the edge of its roof. When the car begins to move he falls off and lands on the track. Unconscious, he dreams of trains. That sequence incorporates the Fleischers' technique of photographing cels in front of small models and scenery to project realistic 3-D effects. As the dream ends the dog hears a whistle in the distance. Frantically he struggles to get loose as a fast freight roars toward the boy. In a graphic sequence the dog barely outruns the train and moves the boy to safety just in time. Fleischer cartoons reveal an appreciation for machinery, and these trains move and sound like the real thing. (12/02/2005)
2004 Polar Express, The Pere Marquette N-1 2-8-4 No. 1225, owned by the Steam Railroading Institute, Owosso (Oh-WAH-so), Michigan, was digitally recorded by Sony Pictures ImageWorks and Skywalker Sound on the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay's St. Charles Branch, once a part of the New York Central's Lansing-Saginaw route. To match illustrations in Chris Van Allsburg's children's book, No. 1225 was given an oversize "cowcatcher" pilot and a Delaware & Hudson-style recessed headlight. Her tender is lettered THE POLAR EXPRESS. Passenger cars have maroon window bands and gray sides, like the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western. THE POLAR EXPRESS is painted below the windows, like THE IVES LINES on the rare Lionel-Ives 1694, 1695, 1696 and 1697 set made in 1932 and reproduced by Williams in the 1970's. Two oddities: (1) No. 1225 was built by Lima in 1941, but a know-it-all boy in the movie calls her a Baldwin S-3 2-8-4 built in 1931. A KEEPSAKE MEMORY BOOK that complements the movie by providing facts about snow, caribou/reindeer, and the aurora borealis offers a brief history of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, but not a word about Lima. (2) The interior of the last car resembles a Budd streamlined observation car, but the exterior matches the heavyweight consist. The observation platform and railing are rounded outward. For further details, see "Hollywood's Steam Locomotive" by David Lustig in the January, 2005, issue of TRAINS, pp. 42-49. Buildings at North Pole City resemble those of Pullman, Illinois, a company town constructed for Pullman employees. The most prominent is the clock tower above the doorway where Santa appears.A big vertical lever in the cab is pulled back to open the throttle. A brake handle is moved toward the engineer to apply brakes. Shots inside the cab portray both working in opposite ways. When the boy blows the whistle, he says, "I've wanted to do that my whole life!". In Back to The Future III, also directed by Robert Zemeckis, Doc Brown says the same thing when he blows the whistle of Sierra Railroad 4-6-0 No. 3. (11/02/2007)
1975 Posse Steam locomotive, cab view
1971 Powder Keg  
1938 Prison Train 
1966 Professionals, TheHas several scenes with a steam locomotive (ex-Great Western Railway 2-8-0 No. 51-see Cat Ballou for additional info) including a train/horse chase. (10/09/2006)
1955 Rage At Dawn There is long scene of two attacks of a train. Locomotive is the 4-6-0 Sierra Railroad #3. (09/12/2008)
1956 Railroad Man (Italian) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1954 Rails Into Laramie 
1970 Railway Children, The 
2000 Railway Children, The(TV)
1992 Railway Station Man, The 
1957 Raintree County Wealthy New Orleans belle Susanna Drake (Elizabeth Taylor) draws idealistic John Wyckliff Shawnessy (Montgomery Cliff) away from his high school sweetheart, Nell Gaither (Eve Marie Saint), into a loveless marriage. During the Civil War, John enlists in the Union Army and fights in Tennessee and Georgia. The B&O Railroad Museum, listed in the opening credits, sent the elegant 4-4-0 William Mason, built in Taunton, Massachusetts, in 1856, and contemporary passenger cars to Danville, Kentucky, to be draped in black bunting and portray the Lincoln funeral train. (05/14/2008)
1947 Rallare (Swedish)
1998 Rat Pack, The An HBO original movie starring Ray Liotta as Frank Sinatra in the 1950's. Great scenes of what Sinatra's layout and train room might have been like at one point in time and how serious he was about his toy trains. Well worth seeing for the trains alone, but it is also a good movie with a great cast. In 1995, Frank Sinatra sold his Rancho Mirage, California, compound to Canadian businessman Jim Pattison, who kept the estate just as "Mr. S." left it, including a full-size depot that holds a collection of Lionel trains. A VHS and DVD are available as the first of CELEBRITY LAYOUTS series at www.tmbooks-video.com. (TV) (02/04/2005)
1948 Red River Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 No. 22 stars with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift. (12/03/2004)
2012 Revolution Hampton & Branchville 4-6-0 No. 44 (Baldwin, 1927) was trucked from South Carolina Railroad Museum to Chadbourn, NC, for filming. However, she was not fired up. No steam surges from her whistle. A shot of the cab reveals that gauges and a water glass necessary for operation are missing. This was the first time that No. 44 has left SC. (10/22/2012)
1997 Riding The Rails (RW). (04/17/2010)
1967 Robbery  
1985 Romance On The Orient Express(TV)
1932 Rome Express 
1949 Rome Express 
1923 Roue, La (Silent)
1957 Roue, La  
1973 Runaway, The(TV)
1985 Runaway Train Alaska Railroad locomotives: dispatcher scenes & wrecks
1985 Rustler's Rhapsody European steam locomotive
1997 Santa Fe (RW). (04/17/2010)
1988 Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Steam locomotives collide
1947 Sea of Grass, The This is the first appearance of Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 No. 11, the RENO, as a MGM "prop." Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy star as Lutie Cameron, "a fiery, fascinating gal from St. Louis," and the man she marries, Col. James B. "Jim" Brewton, a ruthless cattle baron. The adjacent depot is named Salt Pork, New Mexico - a far cry from the lyrical locales served by No. 11 on the V&T: Virginia City, Minden, the Washoe Canyon, and a connection with the Central Pacific (later Southern Pacific) at Reno. See STEAMCARS TO THE COMSTOCK, by Lucius Beebe and Chalres Clegg. By the mid-1930's, locomotives and cars suitable for Hollywood westerns were few and far between. Action scenes were usually filmed on location. Locomotives and cars were "aged" to fit the period. Sierra 2-8-0 No. 18 was used frequently. With a diamond stack, a box headlight, a woodpile that covered the fuel oil tank in her tender, and some colorful trim, she could pass for a 19th-century locomotive. After filming was completed, No. 18 returned to freight service. The Sierra also had wooden passenger cars and terrain that accommodated movies set in various locations. But audiences noticed the same locomotives and cars again and again. In 1937, Paramount Pictures purchased V&T 4-4-0 No. 22. After filming No. 22 in "High, Wide, and Handsome," Paramount purchased three V&T Kimball cars - combination No. 1 and coaches 3 and 4 - for a passenger train. In 1938, Paramount also purchased V&T 4-4-0 No. 18 and several other V&T cars to film Cecil B. DeMille's epic UNION PACIFIC on a branch in Utah. This equipment could portray just about any train. RKO, United Artists, and several others rented it frequently. Rental fees piled up for MGM during the 1940's. Locomotives and cars were small and light enough to use a Pacific Electric route through Culver City to the MGM lot. They came frequently and stayed longer and longer. In 1945, to have a train of its own, MGM purchased V&T 4-4-0 No. 11, the RENO, followed by rolling stock from the V&T, the D&RG, the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake, and Pacific Electric. (09/12/2008)
1962 Second Track, The (German) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1990 Secret Life of Ian Fleming, The European steam locomotive
1936 Seven Sinners 
1943 Shadow Of A Doubt (RW). (04/17/2010)
1932 Shanghai Express 
1975 Shinkansen daibakuha/The Bullet Train 
1972 Short Walk To Daylight(TV)
1976 Silent Movie Trolley
1935 Silent Passenger, The 
1976 Silver Streak Los Angeles to Chicago murder comedy
1934 Silver Streak, The 
1933 Sleeping Car 
1948 Sleeping Car To Trieste 
2008 Slumdog Millionaire (RW). (04/17/2010)
1949 So Dear To My Heart Walt Disney Productions leased Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 No. 22 and several V&T cars from Paramount Pictures. They were filmed on the Porterville Branch of the Southern Pacific. A station was constructed, based on a station at Pottsville, New York. That station was acquired by the late Ward Kimball, one of the "nine old men" of Disney animators, for the Grizzly Flats Railroad, "Scenic Wonder of the West," in his back yard. Fortunately, this collection of historic locomotives, cars and structures was donated to the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in 1990. (12/03/2004)
1959 Some Like It Hot Steam locomotive, drive wheels
1994 Speed Sandra Bullock handcuffed to handrail inside subway car while Keano Reeves and Dennis Hopper fight it out on top of the car as it races out of control through the L.A. subway. Crash scene at end is spectacular. (06/17/2006)
1928 Spione (Silent)
2003 Station Agent, TheWinner of the Sundance Film Festival awards. Stars Patricia Clarkson (TV’s six Feet Under, Far from Heaven), Peter Dink age (Elf), and Bobby Cannavale (TV’s 24, Third Watch) in a comedy about friendship. Fin McBride (Dinklage) works in a Lionel hobby shop and inherits an abandoned train station. Lionel trains, small store layout and chasing a real train with movie camera in hand. (WE) (12/31/2007)
1973 Sting, The (RW). (04/17/2010)
1951 Strangers On A Train (RW). (04/17/2010)
1935 Streamline Express 
1951 Street Car Name Desire Charles St. Trolley
1985 Subway  
1941 Sullivan's Travels Staring Joel McCrae as John Lloyd Sullivan, after a disagreement with the film studio he works for as a successful Hollywood director Sullivan decides to hit the road as a tramp with 10 cents in his pocket to see how the other half live. The studio insists they follow at a distance in a mobile home to keep an eye on their valuable property. He gives them the slip when he hitches a ride with a 13 year old boy in a souped up car. The film opens up with a steam locomotive hauled train at speed blowing down with steam being released towards a river. The next scene sees a struggle on top of box a wagon and then underneath, returning to the roof of the wagon to see one shoot the other 3 times, whilst the other who was shot attempts to strangle the shooter, they both fall of the train and land in a river, to finish the film being previewed by studio executives and Sullivan. When the locomotive is paused it is engine No. 2445 and is back to front. Not sure if done on purpose of a studio mistake. When Sullivan hits the tracks as a tramp he arrives at a camp, in a chauffeur driven car dressed in ragged old clothes. Somewhere he teams up with Veronica Lake and she is disguised as a boy. Steam locomotives to be seen in his journey are 2853, 2856, 3727 and 2851 plus a diesel at full speed. Sullivan and his offsider travel by train, eating at soup kitchens, sleeping rough. To help out the homeless he decides to give out $5 bills to anyone he sees. One greedy tramp sees the opportunity to attack Sullivan and steal all the remaining money then puts Sullivan in an empty box wagon, the tramp runs through a large freight yard only to fall and drop all the money. He fails to see an oncoming train and is killed running away. He is identified as Sullivan having previously stolen his boots with his name in the soles. Sullivan wakes up the next day in some distant freight yard. He is spotted getting out of the wagon by the railway police and can't give a reasonable reason why he is in the yard. He strikes the officer with a rock and ends up in court; he can't remember things of the past. He is charged guilty of assault and gets 6 years in a hard labour camp. Whilst in the camp he sees the headlines on a paper notifying his death. He then devises a plan to make his own headlines to prove he is still alive. He eventually is released to normal daily life. A film worth the $5, previously seen on 16mm about 20-25 years ago. 87 Mins B/W 1941 Paramount Pictures, Renewed 1969 by Universal Studios. It is released on Flashback (www.flashbackentertainment.com.au) Entertainment Cat No. 27634 and available from Big W (www.bigw.com.au) stores in Australia for $5 AU. (RW). (10/23/2011)
1955 Summertime Italian or French steam locomotive
2011 Super 8 The story unfolds as a boy and his friends strive to film a detective/zombie movie. As they film scenes at a depot, a catastrophic train wreck frees an alien. Collectors smile as a girl admires the weathering job on a Lionel 6464-75 dark green Rock Island boxcar, and the boy who did it explains in concise and accurate detail. She advises him to refuse the bossy director who wants to blow up the boy's train for his movie.
The boy's movie is shown during the closing credits. Collectors wince as a Lionel 6464-1 Western Pacific boxcar and a 3665 Minuteman Car are blown up to depict the wreck. (PS). (06/14/2011)
1997 Switchback Stars Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid. Almost the entire last half takes place aboard a snow removal train in the Colorado Rockies. (BB). (12/24/2016)
1990 Svampe  
1974 Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The Somewhere underground, in New York’s subway system, just outside the Pelham Station, a gang of men hijack a train, threatening to kill one hostage per minute unless their demands are met. Forced to stall the unknown assailants until a ransom is delivered or a rescue is made, transit chief Lt. Garber (Walter Matthau) must ad-lib, bully, con and shrewdly outmaneuver one of the craftiest and cruelest villains (Robert Shaw) in a battle of wits that will either end heroically or tragedy. From the minute you board this train until its exhilarating climax, you will be taken by “plenty of surprises and lots of nail-biting action” (RW). (01/10/2010)
1998 Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The Hijacking a New York subway train. (01/10/2010)
2009 Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The New York City is about to be taken for a ride. It’s just an ordinary day for subway dispatcher Walter Garber (Denzel Washington), until a vicious gang of criminals led by the mysterious Ryder (John Travolta) hijacks one of the city’s trains cars. The ransom: tem million dollars. The deadline: one hour. Now Walter is thrust into a race against time to save the lives of all the innocent hostages on board… and stop Ryder from getting away. From director Tony Scott and screenwriter Brian Helgeland (RW). (01/10/2010)
1951 Tall Target, The 
1946 Terror By Night 
1953 Terror On A Train/Time Bomb 
1980 Terror Train 
1980 The Big Brawl train yard
1927 The General Union Army spies steal a locomotive
1953 Therese Raquin (French) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1949 Third Man, The Steam locomotive
1966 This Property Is Condemned In 1962, T. W. M. Long, President of the Reader Railroad in Arkansas, inaugurated a thrice-weekly mixed train that ran 23 miles and crossed 126 bridges between Reader and Waterloo, using two immaculate 2-6-2's ("Prairies"). Author Ron Ziel saluted this line in two books: The Twilight of Steam Locomotives and Steam in the Sixties. In 1964, the Reader acquired a 1942 War Department "G.I." 2-8-0 from the nearby Warren & Saline River and accomplished two incredible feats. First, work was completed just in time for No. 1702 to star in this movie. Second, No. 1702 actually looked good, a task akin to transforming a draft horse into the image of Man O' War, a renowned racehorse. No. 1702 sported a pilot acquired in Mexico from a Florida East Coast 4-8-2, a Texas & Pacific headlight, a Kansas City Southern turbogenerator, and a Cotton Belt whistle. Mrs. Margaret Morgan, wife of Editor David P. Morgan of Trains Magazine, christened No. 1702 with French champagne while her husband and President Long watched approvingly. The Reader was known as "The Possum Trot Line."
Fortunately, No. 1702 heads passenger trains today on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Bryson City, North Carolina (www.gsmr.com). Along the Tuckaseegee River, passengers see the site of a train wreck portrayed in The Fugitive (1993), starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. (09/06/2007)
2009 Thomas and Friends: Hero Of The RailsThomas the Tank Engine discovers a forlorn steam locomotive abandoned at the end of a little-used siding. He persuades some shop men to rebuild the locomotive there. When the locomotive is discovered, he fears he is about to be scrapped. He speeds away and loses parts. Fortunately, Sir Toppam Hatt decides to rebuild him. He emerges from the shop as a splendid Chinese 2-8-2, like Susquehanna No. 142 running out of Phillipsburg, NJ (www.nyswths.org). He even has a feedwater heater tank atop his smokebox. This "really useful engine" proves to be a hero of the rails, a variation of his name, HIRO. After working with other engines on the Island of Sodor, he is shipped back to his homeland for service there, as he had requested. Much better than the first Thomas movie (Thomas and the Magic Railroad), this feature (mostly CGI) includes scenes inside a bustling steam railway shop. Spencer, a fast streamlined 4-6-2, resembles the TORNADO, a replica of a London & North Eastern Railway Peppercorn Class A1. None was preserved. Built in Darlington, England, by the A1 Locomotive Trust from 1994 to 2008, No. 60163 is regarded as the 50th A1. The TORNADO is the first steam locomotive built in the UK since the 2-10-0 EVENING STAR in 1960. The TORNADO is designed for excursion service on main lines until her 10-year inspection in 2018. Painted like Spencer for her test runs in the summer of 2008, she was repainted in LNER Apple Green for her first excursion, THE PEPPERCORN PIONEER, a round trip between York and Newcastle, on January 31, 2009 (PS). (01/25/2010)
2000 Thomas and The Magic RailroadStrasburg's ex-Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 No. 475 and two coaches (all lettered INDIAN VALLEY) filmed at Cherry Hill and the fill entering yard at Strasburg. This train ran to Pennsylvania Railroad station in Harrisburg, PA, where scenes were filmed on Sunday between commuter runs. Unlike HELLO DOLLY, original paint schemes preserved. One coach still lettered INDIAN VALLEY runs in regular passenger trains. (11/20/2004)
1952 Three For Bedroom C 
1957 3:10 To YumaStruggling rancher Dan Evans sneaks captured outlaw Ben Wade past his gang and then nervously waits to deliver him to the prison train in his taut, HIGH NOON style (RW). (01/10/2010)
2007 3:10 To YumaInfamous outlaw Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and his gang of thieves and murderers have plagued the Southern Railroad. But when Wade is finally captured, Civil War veteran Dan Evans (Christian Bale) volunteers to deliver him alive to the “3:10 to Yuma” – a train that will take the killer to trial. But with Wade’s outfit on their trail – and dangers at every turn- the mission soon becomes a violent, impossible journey toward each man’s destiny (RW). (01/10/2010)
1950 Ticket To A Tomahawk, AThis is the first film featuring the 45-mile D&RGW narrow-gauge Silverton Branch and Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 No. 20, now displayed in Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden (As of October 2006, the engine will be restored to running condition by the Strasburg Rail Road during the next year or so. An anonymous donor has provided $400,000 plus another $100,000 to keep her running. The Colorado Railroad Museum is willing to contribute additional funds for the restoration if necessary. The full story is published in the current Railfan & Railroad). Director Richard Sale took full advantage of breathtaking scenery high in the San Juan Mountains during filming in August and September, 1949. A flood of expert publicity at the film's release in May, 1950, soon had the normally empty combine on the mixed train between Durango and Silverton filled with passengers eager to ride the line they had seen in the movie. Rio Grande officials responded by promoting the line as a tourist attraction. They adopted the yellow paint scheme that 20th Century Fox had applied to Combine 212 for the movie as "Rio Grande Gold." By 1957 it had replaced Pullman green as standard color for all D&RGW narrow-gauge passenger equipment. (10/10/2006)
1955 Timberjack Retired in the late 1940's, Willamette No. 7 was fired up for filming by Republic Studios in 1954. The Trucolor process required No. 7 to be painted pink. The stack seems phony, but it is a Radley and Hunter stack designed to contain coal cinders. Displayed in a park at Bonner, Montana, by the mill she served (operated by Anaconda Copper Mining Company - Lumber Department), No. 7 still has that stack. Other Willamette locomotives were oil burners, so they had straight stacks. The only other geared locomotive in a Hollywood movie is a Heisler that careens around tight curves during a wild train chase in Go West (1940), starring the Marx Brothers. It resembles Sierra 2-8-0 No. 18 (renumbered 32), but a close look reveals an inclined cylinder in front of the cab on each side. Both cylinders turn a shaft centered under the locomotive, geared to each truck. These scenes affirm Heislers' reputation as the fastest geared locomotives. From 1922 through 1929, the Willamette Iron and Steel Works of Portland, Oregon, built 33 geared locomotives. Based on Lima Shays, they included features for local loggers: electric headlights, air brakes, all-steel cabs, girder underframes, cast steel trucks, and firebrick arches . All were options on Lima Shays. For further information, consult The Willamette Locomotive, by Steve Hauff and Jim Getz. Lima responded with Pacific Coast Shays in 1927, as that firm's "Super Power" era was beginning. (06/17/2006)
1953 Titfield Thunderbolt, The European steam locomotive, cab view, shortline
1986 Tough Guys Southern Pacific DAYLIGHT GS-4 has a starring role in her glorious California colors. Engineer Doyle McCormack delivers one line in her cab: "No one robs trains any more." (11/19/2004)
1976 Tracks ‘Tracks’ is based on the true-story of middle class white suburban teenagers who unknowingly committed a senseless act of violence. Peter Madigan and his friends spent countless summer nights on the train tracks in Fairlawn, New Jersey when one evening, they mindlessly threw a switch and derailed an oncoming train resulting in the death of its conductor. This case made history in the New Jersey judicial System and these teenagers (who at the time, were between the ages of 14 and 16) were the first in the state t be tried and convicted as adults. ‘Tracks’ chronicles their descent with a striking visual portrayal of a boy who was convicted of murder and sentenced to a maximum security prison with adult hardcore criminals and what he must do to survive (RW). (01/10/2010)
1964 Train, The Steam shops, wrecks and derailments
1984 Train d'enfer(French)
1982 Train Killer, The/Viadukt(Hungarian)
2008 Train MasterJeremiah (Michael Biesanz) works for the Western Railroad in the Pacific Northwest. He lives, breaths, and eats railroad. After Brett Banner (Jonathan Hall), the heir to New York Eastern, purchases the Western Railroad, he fires Jeremiah. But, when Brett's nine-year-old son, Justin, Jeremiah's grandchildren, Thomas and Sarah, and two other children end up on an old runaway train engine together, the two men must join forces to save the kids (RW). (12/16/2009)
1949 Train Of Events 
1978 Train Ride To Hollywood 
1973 Train Robbers 
1948 Train To Alcatraz 
1950 Train To Tombstone 
2005 Train Man (Japanese) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1966 Trans-Europ-Express (French)
1926 Transcontinental Limited(Silent)
2008 Transsiberian (RW). (04/17/2010)
1994 True LiesAction sequences featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis were filmed on Old Seven Mile Bridge built of reinforced concrete for Henry M. Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway that connected the city of Key West with the mainland. Some scenes were filmed on an 80' model of that bridge. In 1935, a category 5 hurricane tore up 70 miles of track and destroyed a passenger train sent to rescue laborers building an adjacent highway. The concrete bridges remained. The Key West Extension of the FEC was acquired by the state of Florida and rebuilt as a highway. Railroad bridges were widened to accommodate 4 lanes. Today, new bridges have been built next to the original bridges. Jamie Lee Curtis did her own stunts. She hung from a helicopter on her birthday as Director James Cameron filmed her with a handheld camera. (08/17/2009)
1934 Twentieth Century 
1947 Tycoon  
1964 Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (French) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory A train is taken hostage traveling from Denver through the Rocky Mountains to Los Angeles. Lots of action in, on and around the passenger and baggage cars. Lots of running shots through western scenery. Head-on crash with freight train at end. Good review of models used to create the crash scene in OGR magazine. With Steven Segal and Katherine Heigl. (06/17/2006)
1932 Union Station 
1939 Union Pacific Encouraged by the success of his epic Western The Plainsman, Cecil B. DeMille decided to do another. President William Jeffers of the Union Pacific offered full cooperation and opened all the old files in the road's Omaha headquarters. Paramount Pictures bought from the Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 No. 18 and period rolling stock. Brass-banded 4-4-0 No. 11 (the Reno) was leased from the V&T; little 2-4-0 No. 21 from the Pacific Coast Chapter of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. No. 11 was tipped on her side by a UP crane for a wreck sequence. A cradle of ties failed to prevent damage to her cab, boiler jacket, running board, and piping. The Southern Pacific Shop in Los Angeles repaired her and shipped her back to the V & T. Nos. 11 and 22 were renumbered and re-lettered to play different locomotives. No. 21 remained the General McPherson and sped the U. S. Cavalry to the rescue. An immense set near the depot at Iron Springs, Utah, brought "Cheyenne, Wyoming," to life, based on photographs by Andrew J. Russell. The Golden Spike ceremony was staged on a stretch of track laid by the SP Burbank-Chatsworth Branch about 20 miles northwest of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley. Stanford University provided the real Golden Spike for close-ups. Nos. 22 and 18 ran to that location as the CP Jupiter and the UP No. 119, respectively. Molly Monahan, portrayed by Barbara Stanwyck, was in charge of the U. S. Mail in V & T baggage car No. 1. (06/17/2006)
1950 Union Station  
2010 Unstoppable "1,000,000 Tons of Steel / 100,000 Lives at Risk / 100 Minutes to Impact"
Frank, a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington), and Wil, his conductor (Chris Pine), pursue a runaway train filled with toxic chemicals. All manner of pyrotechnics fills the screen. One less believable sequence portrays an engineer being lowered onto the lead unit from a helicopter. To no one's surprise, that doesn't work. Frank and Will couple to the rear of the runaway train and barely slow it enough to keep it from flying off a long curved trestle and landing on a oil tank "farm" in a town. Scenes of runaway diesels tipping on the trestle and raising their wheels off the inside rail of the curve are hair-raising.
This movie is based on a real incident. A CSX engineer throttled down his switcher, climbed down to the ground, and threw a switch so he wouldn't have to make a reverse move. But the throttle slipped open and his switcher and a cut of cars took off. The train was stopped with no damage or injury. But who would pay to see a movie like that? (PS) (06/14/2011)
1979 Villain, The Steam locomotive
1959 Vlak bez voznob reda/Train Without A Timetable (Serbo-Croatian)
1976 Vlak u snijegu/Train In The Snow (Serbo-Croatian)
1965 Von Ryan's ExpressFrank Sinatra (Von Ryan) and Trevor Howard (Major Eric Fincham) commandeer a German train and led British POW's to safety in Switzerland. Action scenes near the end of the movie were filmed in El Chorro, near Malaga, Spain, where the track weaves through a gorge through about eight kilometers of tunnels. A persuing locomotive has a stack in the center - a startling feature of a Crosti boiler, used in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland (PS). (04/17/2010)
1988 War and Remembrance Electric train
1988 Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train 
1951 Warpath American steam locomotive
1979 Warriors, The  
2008 Wendy And Lucy (RW). (04/17/2010)
1988 Where the ...... That Gold?!!? American steam locomotive
1965 The Wild Wild West An old TV series The Wild Wild West has just been released on DVD in Australia. The complete series 1 all 28 episodes on 7 discs. The Wild Wild West takes you on the most dangerous top secret assignments, given to TV's first 007 of the Frontier. Fight alongside the ever-resourceful ladies' man, Federal Agent James West (Robert Conrad) and his colorful sidekick Agent Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin). Crisscross the country in a high-tech railroad car, executing impossible missions assigned to them directly from President Grant. These professional troubleshooters risk life and limb to protect the security of the United States by unraveling wicked schemes devised by an array of criminal masterminds. 10/23/2011: Parts 2, 3 and 4 have now been released in Australia and are available from Big W (www.bigw.com.au) Season 1-28 episodes in black and white 22 hours 27 minutes on 7 dvd 1965/66. Season 2-28 episodes in colour 24 hours 13 minutes on 7 dvd 1966/67. Season 3-24 episodes in colour 10 hours 05 minutes on 6 dvd 1967. (I would think 20 hours 05 minutes. This is on both the outer and inner sleeves). Season 4-24 episodes in colour 20 hours 16 minutes on 6 dvd 1968/69. B/W (NTSC) (RW). (10/23/2011)
1948 Whispering Smith Film legend Alan Ladd heads up a superior cast in this reverting, heart pounding tale of crime and punishment. Luke “Whispering “ Smith (Ladd) is a by-the-book, no-nonsense railroad detective who learns his friend, Murray Sinclair (Robert Preston), has been fired from his railway job. Seeking vengeance, Sinclair begins helping outlaw Barney Rebstock (Donald Crisp) wreck trains. Now smith must find and bring his old friend to justice…at any cost, in this suspenseful adventure filled with pistol-packing action (RW). (01/10/2010)
1954 White Christmas Railfans delight in interior scenes aboard a postwar streamliner and two grand runbys of Santa Fe "Warbonnet" E-units and Southern Pacific "Black Widow" F-units. They also chuckle when all four stars - Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen, and Rosemary Clooney - apparently ride that train all the way to Vermont. Railfans also wax nostalgic at station scenes when Bing Crosby and a conductor stand by a passenger train and arrange special trains to bring Army buddies to Vermont ("I'll take it up with the traffic manager," says the conductor.). Crowds overflow the station as they arrive. (12/02/2007)
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit The plot deals with shadowy attempts to take over "The Red Cars." That actually happened. After World War II, National City Lines purchased trolley lines and replaced them with buses built by General Motors, riding on Firestone Tires, fueled by Standard Oil. NCL's prime conquest was Pacific Electric, an 1100-mile freight and passenger network serving greater Los Angeles. Near the end of the movie, as Cloverleaf Industries is named, traction fans grasp the connection and wince. Although the villain is foiled and Cloverleaf Industries dismissed as "goofy," NCL prevailed and Los Angeles has been afflicted by smog and traffic jams ever since. (10/02/2005)
1999 Wild Wild WestWilliam Mason, an elegant 4-4-0 built in 1856, was trucked from B&O Museum, Baltimore, to Strasburg Rail Road and restored as the WANDERER. (09/19/2004)
1983 Winds of Jarrah, The 
1946 Without Reservations 
2004 World Without Thieves, A(Mandarin) (RW). (04/17/2010)
1912 Wreckers, The  
1929 Wreckers, The A demented crook organizes a series of deliberate train crashes to discredit the railways in favour of a rival bus company. Filmed in 1928 on the soon-to-be-abandoned Basingstoke to Alton branch and making extensive use of many other Southern railway locations, the Wrecker contains the most spectacular stages steam locomotive crash in the history of British Film, recorded by no fewer than 22 cameras. This newly restored-version features an all-new score composed by world-renowned silent film composer Neil Brand (RW). (01/10/2010)
1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy steam locomotive
2005 XXX:State of the Union Near the end, the President rides a bullet train accessible 3 stories below the Capitol during an assassination attempt. Exciting high-speed exterior and interior chase scenes take place as XXX (Ice Cube) rescues the President. Sadly, the train and the villain are blown up atop a tall, graceful concrete arch bridge reminiscent of Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's majestic Tunkhannock Viaduct and Martin's Creek Viaduct near Scranton, PA, and of Pennsylvania Railroad Schuylkill ("SKOO-kill") Division bridges near Klapperthal Curve south of Reading, PA, now part of Thun Trail for hiking and biking. (05/15/2005)
Toy Trains
Year Title Description
1964 - 1966 Addams Family, TheCharles Addams' macabre cartoons in the New Yorker came to life in this show. Gomez Addams enjoyed making his Lionel trains crash and explode. According to Internet Movie Data Base, under "trivia," that sequence was filmed once and used on subsequent shows. (TV). (05/23/2008)
1942 Billion Dollar LimitedThe third Superman cartoon by Max and Dave Fleischer features a 4-8-4 with Raymond Lowey streamlining, apparently based on "The Big Engine," S-1 6-4-4-6 displayed at the New York World's Fair. There is a touch of K-4 3768, streamlined for the new Broadway Limited in 1938. The famous phrase "more powerful than a locomotive" is illustrated by an accurate rendition of the left (fireman's) side of a Norfolk & Western Class A 2-6-6-4 roaring along, presumably hustling a time (merchandise) freight. (08/04/2006)
1955 - 1984 Captain Kangaroo Robert James ("Bob") Keeshan became an icon to millions of baby boomers on this TV show, based (as he said) "on the warm relationship between grandparents and children." His costars were Mr. Green Jeans (Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum) and puppets Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose, and a snoozing grandfather clock that viewers would help to awaken. From time to time, the Captain ran a compact Lionel "O" Gauge layout with two levels, like those built by Lionel for dealer displays. On one occasion, a 736 2-8-4 speeded off a curve on a trestle set. "Oh!" the Captain exclaimed, "We have a wreck!" Such was the impression that this writer can recall it vividly to this day. (TV). (05/23/2008)
1947 Christmas EveAF trains deliver food on the dining room table 
1977 Close Encounters of the Third KindShows off Steven Spielberg’s love of toy trains when Richard Dreyfuss builds a model of the Devil’s Tower (mountain) on his model railroad. (JoK) (12/31/2007)
1963 Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Marx toy train
1935 Dante's Inferno Lionel standard gauge steam toy train
1951 Day the Earth Stood Still, The Lionel steam locomotive
1984 Dukes of Hazzard, The (Danger on the Hazzard Express) Opening scenes focus on a small Lionel layout. A 681 steam turbine is pulling a freight train. Abruptly a pickup truck shoots forward and knocks a boxcar on its side at a grade crossing. Boss Hogg explains to Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltraine ("Coal Train," perhaps?) that he is planning to use a remote-control pickup truck to loot a train of $2,000,000. A real train, diesel-powered, rolls by twice. First, Bo and Luke Duke inadvertently drive up and foil the robbery. Second, the General Lee, with Bo at the wheel and Luke disabling the robbers and the remote control, jumps over the boxcar. The layout serves as a plot device when the Duke boys discover it and deduce Boss Hogg's nefarious plan. They operate the layout with a black box that is a cross between a transformer and a TMCC controller. (09/06/2007)
1938 Four's A Crowd Walter Connolly, portraying an eccentric millionaire, runs a "large garden railroad" illustrated on page 4 of the 1938 Lionel catalog. A Lionel scale New York Central Hudson (700E; introduced in 1937) races Lionel's first scale model, a 17:64 replica of UP streamliner M-10000 (introduced in 1934). Warner Brothers teams Errol Flynn and Olivia deHavilland, but here they seem immature. Flynn comes across as crude and pushy. DeHavilland is annoying and childish, more like a teenager than an adult. Phone calls take a lot of screen time. Lionel never mentions this movie again, not even in its MODEL RAILROADING series of Bantam paperback books (PS). (04/17/2010)
1949 Holiday Affair Lionel Santa Fe 2333 AA locomotive
2004 King of Queens, The "Offtrack...Bedding"-Season 7, Episode 6: Visiting his son Doug (Kevin James), Joe Hefferman (Dakin Matthews) enters a contest featuring Lionel trains. Things go wrong when the trains crash and set a layout and a convention hall on fire. This chain of events exceeds train wrecks gleefully staged by Gomez Addams (John Astin) on The Addams Family (1964-1966). (TV). (05/23/2008)
1967 Last American Hobo, The Antique Toy Trains, Lionel
1951 People Will TalkLarge 3 room layout
1984 Police Academy Model train
1983 Risky Business Lionel accessories
1994 Santa Clause, The G steam train
1944 She-Sick Sailors This Famous Studios Popeye cartoon opens with Olive Oyl reading a Superman comic book, accompanied by Sammy Timberg's theme music from Fleischer Superman cartoons. Bluto takes advantage of the situation by donning a Superman costume. Popeye rises to the challenge. Trains appear throughout this cartoon, though they are less realistic than the train in Billion Dollar Limited (see above). (08/04/2006)
1955 So You Want to Build a Model Railroad This black-and-white entry in the Joe McDoakes series from Warner Brothers is a hilarious take on all-consuming passion for toy trains. Lionel "O" Gauge trains gradually fill the McDoakes' home. The ending alone is worth the price of admission. This short played in the TCA Museum at Strasburg for years. One day, a woman in the audience kept saying to herself, "How true." Joe McDoakes is played by George O'Hanlon, also credited as writer. He also wrote for the TV show Petticoat Junction in 1963. He is best known as the voice of George Jetson. (05/09/2005)
1940 Son Of The Navy A CPO finds a lost orphan boy with no home and tries to find him new parents. It shows Lionel prewar trains and a layout that the sailors give to the boy. (05/08/2005)
2006 Superman Returns Huge wooden doors in the Vanderworth mansion open to reveal a first-rate layout of Marklin HO and G (or no. 1) gauge trains. An iconic Santa Fe F-unit "warbonnet" pulls 3 white boxcars lettered "Marklin" across the screen, combining nostalgia and product placement. Sadly, the whole layout is pushed to pieces after Lex Luthor drops a piece of Kryptonian crystal stolen from Superman's Fortress of Solitude into a lake of real water. One quick shot shows a girl standing by a 50's car with its hood up and a wad of cotton to simulate steam or smoke. This description may seem silly, but that little scene conveys drama and character. (08/04/2006)
1935 Sweet Music Steam, O scale passenger train
1991 The Addams Family Lionel Hudson, RS3
1950 The Baron of Arizona Large scale model steam engine
1991 The Hidden Room O scale layout
1987 Throw Mama from the Train Lionel, passenger train
1982 Toy, The Toy train, LGB
1994 Wagons East G steam train layout
2005 Warm Springs A movie about FDR that includes nice shots of Lionel Standard Gauge trains (TV). (jk) (05/25/2005)

Thanks to Larry LaJambe for providing much of the information!


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